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5 Thoughts to “Testimonials”

  1. Cindy

    It is 7:00 am and I am going to Centreville Physical Therapy (CPT). This is very difficult for me because I am not at all a morning person. But I am actually looking forward to it because no matter what time of day it is the staff there are always upbeat and personable. They all take an interest in you getting better. A lot of that is associated with their medical abilities to make you as comfortable as possible even though you are sometimes in a lot of pain. I also believe that because they are so upbeat, it makes the patient relax and helps with the healing process. I should know because I am a return patient. I have been there 4 different times for 4 different issues – says a lot about me! But each time I have received the utmost quality of care with the caring hands of the staff at CPT.

  2. Sarah

    ”… I think of CPT as the best Physical Therapy clinic in the Northern Virginia area. I have been to three others since 1997 when I was in an auto accident. CPT is the best overall.

    They offer more therapists to choose from, all of which I have seen and have been quite satisfied with their knowledge, techniques and their assessments.

    I always finish up treatment feeling better than when I began. I have several different ailments and have been treated for a range of problems. Some of which were difficult to assess do to other coexisting ailments. They do a terrific job of trying to pinpoint the culprit and they do a great job of giving you a home therapy program that really works. When and if it doesn’t they tweak it immediately.

    I have never felt I was a trouble or nuisance to them and I have been there so often it would seem that I should.

    My orthopedist, rheumatologist and my General Practice Physician all have recommended CPT to me over the years. They think quite highly of their professional healing approach.

    I really can’t say enough to give anyone the confidence that they would do well to choose CPT as their Physical Therapy treatment center.“

    Regards, Sarah

  3. Margie

    ”… Thank you all for your fine efforts and support to help me physically heal and learn to successfully take care of my back as I forge ahead with my days and life. You not only treat the physical ailments of patients but you treat the whole person with kindness, care, & concern. I am grateful today and always.”

    Blessings – Margie

  4. Dave H.

    It’s always a pleasure coming here. All the staff are enjoyable to work with. I get quality care because they care. They provide a very nice atmosphere, which aides with relaxing, while these experienced professionals apply their gentle touch. I highly recommend being treated here.

  5. Tracy C.

    Everyone at the Centreville office is amazing. Miss Jennifer you’re the best. Thank you very much for taking away some of my pain. Thank you

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